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James Villepigue

James Villepigue, CSCS, ACE, MT

James Villepigue is an International best selling author of over 25 books. His flagship book series, entitled, “The Body Sculpting Bibles”, have sold over 1 Million copies over the last twelve years. James brings over 20 years of quality certified experience in the health and fitness industry. He’s a Nationally Certified personal trainer under “National Strength & Conditioning Association” (NSCA-CSCS), “The American Council On Exercise” (ACE), “The International Sports Science Association” (ISSA) & “The National Board of Fitness Examiners” (NBFE).

James is a graduate of Hofstra University, with a BS in marketing. He’s a Massage Therapist and received a degree from the New York College of Health Professions. James is also a graduate of the highly acclaimed coach training school, the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (IPEC).

The success of his systems and his extensive training and coaching experience have propelled James to appearances on national television programs and achieved him publication in nationally recognized health and fitness magazines.

James’ latest project is a book being published by Penguin, publisher to the prestigious “Idiots Guide” book series.

It will be the very first official obstacle race course-training guide in the marketplace. The title of the new book is, “The Obstacle Race Training Bible – The #1 Resource To Prepare For & Conquer Any Course!” It will be released in the summer, 2012.

James has been featured on National television shows, including:

  • “Regis & Kelly Show”
  • “The Maury Show”
  • Appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, the W-B, and many others.

Written for Nationally Recognized Health and Fitness Magazines:

  • Fitness
  • Self
  • Women’s First
  • Women’s World
  • Maximum Fitness
  • Oxygen
  • Marie Claire
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Muscle-Mag International

“Fitness training has afforded me the ability to help millions of people throughout the world, of all ages and from all walks if life, to achieve extraordinary results.

Obstacle race course training is something that I’m very passionate about. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of people, and have helped them fully prepare for and ultimately conquer their chosen obstacle course race.

Besides seeing great changes to their bodies, my reader’s & client’s have additionally received profound changes to all aspects of their lives. Training is a Godsend and I couldn’t be more thrilled to now have an opportunity to help Spartan participants optimally condition, while getting in their greatest shape ever!”

James had to overcome many obstacles in his own life; “I grew up a skinny kid, who suddenly became very overweight around the age of 14. I was bullied and made fun of, all the while dreaming for a slim, muscled physique. Unfortunately, in an attempt to lose weight quickly, I became bulimic – I managed to get very thin, but very sick – One’s not worth the other, trust me!”

I soon discovered the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle, comprised of healthy eating, fitness, meditation, and major self-discovery. Fitness gave me the confidence I needed to stand-up for myself and conquer all obstacles (literally) in my way. I am so thankful for my discovery of a healthy & fit lifestyle and only wish that everyone could experience it for themselves.”

About 8 years ago, James had to face the most challenging obstacle of his life; the tragic death of his beloved father, James SR. His father’s passing has been the greatest test for him and his family’s ability to persevere and move forward in the wake of such emotional trauma. James attributes a huge part of that coping mechanism to the love for his father and as powerfully, his fitness lifestyle. “Fitness has been a most powerful outlet for my stress coping, coupled with the empowerment factor I receive, that together inspire & motivate me to continue on this wonderful journey of successes, while I continue to help & positively change the lives of millions of more people.”


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