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The Training Steps Involved for Obstacle Races

Our trainers advise that during the obstacle race course training there are different obstacles involved some are high and others low and also there is a distance to run between them. It is because of this reasons that we recommend obstacle course training before actually engaging in the obstacle races.

The trainers recommend that one should engage in continuous upper body workouts which will definitely help you to perform a pull up, push up and dip. One should actually make this a regular program when they intending to engage in obstacle course races. The muscles involved in this kind of workouts are the right muscles that will help you when it comes to climbing over a wall, up a rope and even over a fence. It is good for one to take note of the short fast 100m sprint involved during the obstacle race training. We always say this because it helps you to cover ground quickly and hence create valuable time to deal with obstacles involved in the race.

The next step concerns the grip one needs to have for obstacle races. Our trainers recommend that to be able to climb a rope or jump over a wall one requires significant upper body strength which will help to grip a rope or a wall edge without fail. we recommend that flexed arm hangs and pull-ups will help to a degree, but it is good to add a piece of rope or rolled towel over a pull up bar and practice hanging on the two ends or even doing pull-ups with it. Our trainers always say that it’s the best grip workouts that one could do. Actually during the strong man competitions they normally have the world’s strongest men hang from a bar as a part of the event.

Finally, one needs to practise how to balance to be able to engage in obstacle races. One can try out as part of obstacle course training, on a curb or on a long beam. Our trainers advise that it is not good to look straight down as it can interfere with your ability to balance on the log.


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