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Obstacle Races: The Healthiest Form Of Races

The weekend has arrived and your social calendar is as empty as a tin can now what you ask? Well there are plenty of things to do but hopefully your best friend, family member or a spontaneous decision has prompted the idea to register for the upcoming obstacle races within your area. You are not prepared for anything that this experience has to offer but deep down you know you are up to the challenge. Hopefully you are able to seek and find your old hiking boots or outdoor sneakers built for the course ahead and so you call it an early night and try to get some shut eye so you are well rested for the next day.

You wake up with such exhilaration and though you still feel a bit sleepy from lack of sleep that haunted you with endless anxiety, you are ready.  You were lucky enough to research the internet and found some obstacle races offered within your area and after a quick shower and a hearty breakfast you are on the way. Your mind is inundated with exciting thoughts racing through your mind, and though you think you have a clue of what to expect your mind is ahead of its time but you have no clue but remain to expect the unexpected. Upon arrival, there is a sea of cars parked filled with people who had the same idea as you. Once you are registered for your event, everything suddenly dawns on you. This is your first race but you have already signed up for subsequent obstacle races.

After a quick registration and after receiving your racing shirt with your number displayed across it is time to summon the warrior within you. It is time to tear through this race and finish what you started. A glimpse of victory briefly shines through with laser vision of winning this and future obstacle races. A smile invites itself on your face and now you are ready after sizing up your competition from both sides and bringing yourself back to the present moment to focus on the start signal. After a quick motivational pep talk, you are ready to conquer your first and not your last list of obstacle races.

This is it the moment that was created by a single thought the previous night and now you are standing amongst other daredevils who share the same thrill seeking mentality of running through obstacle races. The signal sounds and the obstacle races are well on their way. Your heart skips beats as you jump through your first set of hurdles, then another, climb up what seems to be a never-ending wall, run, crawl through muddy ditches and anything and everything else that may come your way. You are invisible and no one can touch you as you soar and conquer through the challenges of the obstacle races. Once you try to catch your breath at the finish line, you realize this was a great idea.


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