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Obstacle Course Training at its Best

Our obstacle course training entails a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must pass through usually while being timed. Obstacle course races can include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and others with the aim of testing speed, endurance, coordination ,related skills and abilities. Sometimes our courses can involve mental tests. First of all, one should not go for obstacle races with an empty stomach. Food is very important so to gain strength for performing the set activities. In as much as we say food is important it should not be just any kind of food. One should take the right kind of food which contains the proper energy requirements. Our experts will take you through the right diets for you to successfully complete obstacle race course training.

Secondly, listening to your body is an important requirement.  We will help you understand your body well when we offer obstacle race training. One should be aware of how their body is performing during an event. You also should take into consideration the kind of weather on that particular day. If it on a hot and humid day, fatigue is likely to catch up on you sooner than you think. On such times water is important and you will need more electrolytes which can be found in sodium and potassium so as to power up your body. Our programs are ideal and will ensure that you are at your best for the obstacle races.

In addition to the above, one should be able to keep up with the pace rate. Due to the much energy required by such an event one is likely to get tired very quickly because the heart will be pumping at a higher rate. Running with the right pace is important so to be able to keep going on and finish the obstacle course run. Reducing one’s pace while at the same time keeping up with a running pace is an important factor for a competitor to learn. This principle is important to master it because it enables one to recover from fatigue while running that is to reduce your pace and then get back to it when you fully recover. Our experts have the necessary skills that  will teach you how to maintain the pace during obstacle course races.

Complete body strength is another important consideration. One will need complete body strength and good muscle endurance to successfully complete an obstacle course races. The way you train should reflect what your body will need to do while competing for an obstacle training run. Therefore you need to combine strength training with cardio training and this can be done well by using our boot camp style classes. This means that your core, chest, arms and legs will get the type of workout they need to be prepared for an obstacle course. This can be done when you go for a run, drop for push-ups, dips, squats or other exercises intermittently along the way. It is important to do this so that your body gets used it and it will not become a new experience when you go to an obstacle course races.


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